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Monday, May 5, 2008

How will Warner stretch the truth in this campaign


Monday, May 5, 2008

Tall Tales From the Campaign Trail:

Mark Warner Begins Senate Campaign

RICHMOND, VA – As Democrat Mark Warner kicks off another campaign, Virginians can rest assured that they have seen this story before: Mark Warner travelling around the Commonwealth making promises about what he will do if elected. This time they are prepared. ...Virginians have learned that Mark Warner will say one thing on the campaign trail, only to turn around and do the opposite once elected. He vowed repeatedly in his 2001 that he would not raise taxes:

“I will not raise your taxes.” (October 10, 2001 Gubernatorial debate transcript)

“The fact is I will not raise taxes. You can say it 20 more times, but the people will know the difference.” (October 10, 2001 Gubernatorial debate transcript)

Not only did he break that promise, but he pushed through the largest tax increase in Virginia history.

“This month, Mark Warner officially launches his campaign to represent Virginia in the United States Senate,” said RPV Chairman John Hager. “In doing so, Mark Warner is once again expecting Virginians to trust what he says on the campaign trail. This time, however, voters from the Commonwealth know that this Democratic candidate is not credible.”

The stakes are high in 2008 as the current Democrat majority in the Senate is banking on Mark Warner to help enact its liberal agenda.

“While Ted Kennedy and his friends in the Senate would like nothing better than to welcome another tax-hiking Democrat into their ranks, Virginia will have the final say in the matter,” Hager added. “Republicans are ready to unite behind our nominee and to send him to Washington to fight for limited government and Virginia values.”

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