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Friday, May 9, 2008

HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA Alec Baldwin the Politician

Alec, you little piggy do you really think any sane person would vote for you? Baldwin at 50 is still an ego maniacal, overrated actor who is past his prime but still craves the limelight....he did marry Kim Bassinger so I guess he isn't all that bad....or wait he is because they divorced and he likes to leave mean and vile messages to his daughter on answering machines because he is inconvenienced(not really a vote getter AL)and to think I have actually defended his acting in the terrible movie "The Shadow." From Reuters:

'At 50, Alec Baldwin ponders political career,' from Reuters: 'Award-winning actor Alec Baldwin, who has played all kinds of heroes and villains on stage and screen, says he may be ready to take on a new role - that of real-life politician. Baldwin told the CBS '60 Minutes' in a segment to be aired Sunday that he is thinking about pursuing his longtime dream of becoming an elected official, CBS said Thursday. 'There's other things I want to do (besides acting). I mean, in a matter of weeks, I'm going to be 50,' Baldwin said. 'There's no age limit on running for office, to a degree. (It is) something I might do one day.' The interview took place before he turned 50 on April 3. The New York resident is known for political activism. In 2006 he told The New York Times that if he were a public official, he might like to be governor of his home state. Baldwin told '60 Minutes' he would be ready to face the public and the press, in part because of the scrutiny that accompanied his divorce and custody battle with actress Kim Basinger.'

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