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Friday, May 2, 2008

GOP Leaders From Across Virginia Sign Letter Supporting Ticket

Richmond - In an unprecedented display of party unity, Republican leaders from across Virginia have signed a letter expressing their strong support of Bob McDonnell for Governor and Bill Bolling for Lieutenant Governor in 2009.

The letter, which will be mailed to party members statewide, was signed by all eight of Virginia’s Republican members of Congress, the General Assembly’s GOP leadership team and other party leaders, including all of Virginia’s GOP congressional district chairs and the leadership of the State Central Committee of the Republican Party of Virginia.

In the letter, these GOP leaders, along with other Republican notables from across the Commonwealth - including former Governor Jim Gilmore, former Attorney General Jerry Kilgore and GOP Chairman John Hager – stated:

"We strongly endorse the ticket of Bob McDonnell for Governor and Bill Bolling for Lieutenant Governor in 2009 and urge all Virginia Republicans to join us. A McDonnell-Bolling ticket will unite our Republican party around its core conservative principles, while putting forth strong, experienced leadership to meet the challenges facing our Commonwealth."

Attorney General Bob McDonnell remarked, "A united Republican Party is the first step towards ending the Democrats eight years of control of the executive branch in Virginia. Today, we have taken a tremendous step forward in our effort to reclaim the Governor's Mansion, and to win all three statewide races next year. Bill and I are honored to have received the support of our Republican members of Congress, every Republican District Chair, the Republican leadership in the General Assembly, the leadership of the State Central Committee and a number of other prominent and involved Virginia Republicans. From the grassroots to the halls of Congress, Virginia Republicans have united in support of our ticket. Together, we are going to win next year, and bring innovative, vigorous, conservative leadership to Virginia."

Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling noted, "Bob and I are honored to have the support of such a distinguished group of Republican leaders. I am pleased that the Republican Party has united behind the McDonnell-Bolling ticket and our positive vision for the future of Virginia. We will offer the people of Virginia the most experienced ticket to ever seek statewide office in Virginia, and a clear blueprint for finding solutions to the many challenges we face today. We are looking forward to the campaign that lies ahead and to victory in November of 2009."

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