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Friday, May 2, 2008

Do as I say not as I believe

In a series I started this week and that will continue over the next couple of weeks to include such belief dilemmas as:
• Is an environmental wacko that eats meat less wacky than one that is a vegan or just a bigger hypocrite?
• Should state election losses for a particular state party be blamed solely on the state party leader or on changing national trends or on local issues?
• Does separation of church and state hurt the state or the church more?
• If conservatism is the best way to enact government, why is it so hard to convince people?
• ....and many more.
I am a big proponent that people should not just have an opinion but a though out well informed opinion whether I agree with it or not.

So today, as promised, I pose the question, give an example and ask for your input. I know where I stand on these issues do you?

Why do so many people sell themselves and their beliefs to a Political Party instead of making the Political Party reflect those held beliefs?

A Democrat candidate is Pro-Life and you’re pro-abortion but you vote for him/her anyway just so your party will win and not those crazy Republicans….Are you really that ardent about your views? What is the percentage of common views you have to have with a candidate? Do you vote depending on the R and D or based on a certain number of core issues? Why do you think people sell their beleifs to a party and not stay strong to their convictions?

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