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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Meet Andrea Miller, the Democratic nominee for Congress in Virginia's 4th Congressional District

Posted by MAXIMUS

You read it here first. The Democrats in VA-4 nominated uber liberal Andrea Miller to run against incumbent Congressman Randy Forbes this November in Virginia's 4th Congressional District.

Lets have some Q and A about Andrea Miller.

Who is Andrea Miller? She was the head of Dennis Kucinich's Presidential Campaign in VA. She is a Virgina regional coordinator for For those wanting a refresher about her utter incompetency, check out this post that your beloved MAXIMUS wrote a few months ago:

Is Andrea Miller a Socialist in the mold of Che Guvera and Dennis Kucinich? Yes. She supports entitlement growth in the form of free on demand health care for able bodied adults. Cost to the American Taxpayer be dammed!

What does Andrea Miller think about the 10,000 new jobs that Congressman Forbes delivered to the Fort Lee area as a result of the BRAC process?
"Disastrous initiative and proposal"

Does Andrea Miller support expanded G.I. Bill benefits for all combat veterans along with G.I. Bill student loan debt relief? No. Andrea Miller does NOT support expanding new G.I. Bill benefits to combat veterans of Operation Desert Shield, Desert Storm, and Operation Provide Comfort. In another broadsided swipe at our nations finest, Andrea Miller does not support allowing the Dept. of Veteran's Affairs to assume student loan debts burdens of combat veterans that have served since 1990.

Does Andrea Miller support draining the U.S. Treasury to give physically fit, able bodied adults more spending money when they are looking for a job? Yes. 20 more weeks of unemployment insurance benefits to those who exhausted their benefits within the past year and are still unemployed. In states with exceptionally high unemployment, it would provide for an additional 13 weeks of benefits. It would also increase all individual benefits by $50 per week.

Did Democrats in the 4th Congressional District try to block Andrea Miller from receiving the Democratic nomination to run for Congress? If so, why?
Yes. In Andrea's own words: "At the last minute my home Democratic Committee put up a "fake" candidate. One person asked if I thought it would be a problem being perceived as a radical."

Oh, did I mention that Andrea Miller is going to be Barrack Hussein Obama's running mate in 2008? Game. On.

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