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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Anonymous has a different view on the RPV/Frederick Dispute

In the aftermath of Monday's posting by RBHayes19P on the dispute between RPV and Delegate Frederick "anonymous" left a link in the comments section (me thinks a certain Delegate was reading the TCC) that details another view of the clash that warrants further exploration (link here

The PDF file has the title of:

Excerpts from that link state(click on image to make it bigger):

Sounds like there's two sides to every story. In the end there was no system delivered that could have helped elect more Republican candidates,which is a good thing, and the money due for work completed was slow in coming(so is anyone in the right on this one)...if we don't get our house in order, all around, and show the grassroots a plan for taking back the Senate and more seats in the House of Delegates the only thing that will happen is more seats lost to tax and spend DEMS, which is a bad thing for everyone. So matter what side you are on on this little scenario we've been covering that last couple of days or what you think of in it being posted...I personally don't care who the next Chairman of RPV is, I just want an RPV chair that is going to help pave the way to a conservative way of life in me a plan and you have my vote.

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