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Sunday, April 20, 2008

TUCKER WATKINS for 5th Congressional District Chairman

Posted by MAXIMUS

Gotta call it like you see it. After taking a brief break of about nine months, Tucker Watkins, the longtime Chairman of the 5th Congressional District, is again seeking the office of Congressional District Chairman. Tucker previously held the job for ten plus years and he is stepping back into the arena. Presently, there are no other GOP Congressional District Chairman that can singularly reach out to the blogosphere, recruit effective conservative candidates for various local, state, and federal offices, raise money, effectively motivate grassroots activists, train his unit chairmen to do everything they need to do, and he can school damn near everybody on the RPV State Central Committee on any topic. He has sufficient b**** and backbone to back up what he says under any circumstances.

Tucker's hand selected candidates have whipped those selected and supported by Minority Leader Ward Armstrong, Governor Kaine, Governor Warner, Delegate Brian Moran, Attorney General Mary Sue Terry, former Lt. Gov. Don Beyer, Senator Chuck Robb, Senator Creigh Deeds, Leslie Byrne, et. al. When folks step in the 5th Congressional District for battle, they better bring their A game and a lot of luck to take out the silver haired wolf (who passed the eligibility age for Social Security ten years ago). Tucker has gone toe to toe with the best the liberal Democrats have to offer. At the end of each round, it has been Tucker with his arm victoriously raised in the arena. Tucker Watkins is an old school ass kicker who has the ability to exceed expectations by doing things the old way--building a team, setting goals, and following through, while providing the necessary resources (training, financial, etc.) to empower others for success.

He is a Vietnam veteran, a fiscal and social conservative, and one of the hardest working District Chairman that RPV has ever had. He is the same man on Sunday morning as he is on Saturday night. His principals are unshakable and his political instincts are innate. His political acumen and brutally effective Sun-Tzu influenced strategies are only eclipsed by the congenial "aw shucks country boy" persona that most outsiders use to define him to their peril. RPV, and the 5th Congressional District would be well served with Tucker Watkins back in service to the party. Folks underestimate his skill and abilities to their detriment.

The 5th Congressional District Convention of the Republican Party of Virginia will be conducted on April 26, 2008 at 10:00AM at Hampden-Sydney College. Please attend and vote for Tucker Watkins for Chairman.

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