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Monday, April 21, 2008

The Stupidest Election year poll ever...Clinton leads poll with bowlers

From McClatchy Newspapers -

"Hillary Clinton leads among bowlers, gun owners and hunters in Pennsylvania, a blue-collar trifecta that is helping her hold an edge over rival Barack Obama heading into Tuesday's pivotal primary there. The New York senator leads by solid margins in all three slices of working-class Pennsylvania - the political battleground where the two Democrats have waged war for control of the state, according to a new poll conducted for McClatchy Newspapers, MSNBC and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The one group where she does not have a solid lead is among beer drinkers; they split evenly between her and the Illinois senator. ..."Overall, Clinton leads Obama by a margin of 48-43 percent, with 8 percent still undecided. The telephone survey of 625 likely Pennsylvania voters was taken April 17-18 and had an error margin of plus or minus 4 percentage points. 'Clinton leads in Pennsylvania,' said Brad Coker, the managing partner for Mason-Dixon Polling & Research, which conducted the poll. 'However, the lead doesn't indicate she's going to win by a large enough margin to make a serious impact on Obama's overall delegate lead.' ... 'Clinton seems to have won the better part of the culture clash, leading among hunters by a margin of 56-31 percent, among bowlers by 54-33 percent, and among gun owners by 53-28 percent. Her shot and a beer gambit apparently didn't pay off, however; self-identified beer drinkers split 44-44 percent between the two. Coker said one reason could be that beer drinkers include more African-Americans - Obama supporters - than the bowlers, gun owners or hunters."
This poll is both stupid and condesceding....the press is out of control in this country

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Isophorone said...

It's true about the bowlers! Clinton is apparently "pinning" her hopes on them.