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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Partisan Kaine blows off VA--goes to PA for Obama

Posted by MAXIMUS

Once again Governor Tim Kaine is blowing off his responsibilities as an elected official. By campaigning for Barrack Hussein Obama in Pennsylvania today, he is putting the partisan interests of the Democrat Party ahead of the interests of the Virginians he was elected to serve.

Governor Kaine has no accomplishments and no agenda to improve the lives of the ordinary Virginia family. Instead, here a just a few things the Governor of Virginia should be doing:

1.) Holding talks with the legislature on how to increase transportation funding without raising statewide taxes;

2.) Holding talks with the legislature about how to redact his unconstitutional amendments to the Transportation compromise;

3.) Holding talks with the families of slain police officers to explain why he previously issued a needlessly stay on Executions in Virginia without being ordered to do so by the U.S. Supreme Court;

4.) Figuring out a way to reduce local real estate tax increases instead of creating new social welfare entitlement programs like free day care for the children of illegal immigrants;

5.) Figuring out a way to hire Veterans into his Administration considering he has none in his Cabinet;

Governor Kaine's ineffectiveness in solving the problems of Virginia is only eclipsed by his partisan quest to elect a man to the Presidency who thinks half of Virginia clings to guns and religion as a type of tonic against the "bitter" resentment associated with the globalization of the job market. Tim Kaine is like a Democratic "ROADIE"----Retired on Active duty despite having one year and eight months left in his term as Governor. Can Kaine manage to accomplish something beneficial for the people of Virginia before the end of his term? Anything?

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