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Friday, April 4, 2008

Let's remember a man who really fought the fight on the 40th Anniversary of MLK death

In a day when Political Correctness oversteps the freedom of expression and those who want to use "outrage" as means to power, lets remember Martin Luther King today on the 40th anniversary of his assassination as man who fought a fight that needed to be raged at that time. Because of his leadership there is no LEGAL discrimination or segregation in the US today and racist actions are not tolerated and dealt with swiftly in this country. Those who use individual incidents of racism and link them together as a common problem need to realize that racist and bigotry actions in the US are not seen as acceptable, as a whole, by all races and uttering derogatory slang words used against minorities is worse than any of the "four" letter words one could utter (at least in my upbringing) as well it should be.

This is how The New York Times covered the tragedy in 1968:

'Memphis, Friday, April 5 - The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who preached nonviolence and racial brotherhood, was fatally shot here last night by a distant gunman who raced away and escaped. Four thousand National Guard troops were ordered into Memphis by Gov. Buford Ellington after the 39-year-old Nobel Prize-winning civil rights leader died. ...'A curfew was imposed on the shocked city of 550,000 inhabitants, 40 percent of whom are Negro. But the police said the tragedy had been followed by incidents that included sporadic shooting, fires, bricks and bottles thrown at policemen, and looting that started in Negro districts and then spread over the city. ... Dr. King had come back to Memphis Wednesday morning to organize support once again for 1,300 sanitation workers who have been striking since Lincoln's Birthday.' ...

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