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Saturday, April 26, 2008

IT'S OFFICIAL...Tucker Watkins wins the vote for the Chairmanship of the 5th Congressional District Republican Committee

Posted by MAXIMUS

As was boldly predicted here just hours ago, Tucker Watkins has won the election to become the Chairman of the 5th District Republican Committee. Shaun Kenney liveblogged the event, link here:

Of significant note, this years 5th Congressional District Republican Convention was only the 2nd GOP Congressional District Convention to ever be "live blogged." The first Congressional District Convention to be live blogged in Virgina was the 4th District Convention in 2006 when Wayne Ozmore was re-elected as Chairman (just some useless blogosphere trivia for you).

The final vote (based on apportioned Delegate vote count) was (H/T Shaun Kenney's BLOG):

Tucker Watkins: 268.33
Tim Boyer: 224.75

Congratulations Tucker...AND KEEP UP THE BEATING ON JOE "BOYFRIEND OF BEN TRIBBETT" STANLEY. Or would that be considered a hate crime?

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Shaun Kenney said...

Thanks for the hat tip!