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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Isophorone Blog goin' to the Big Time!

One of my favorite blogs and fellow ODBA member, Isophorone Blog, was quoted in the Wall Street journal about left wing robocall from the group American Family Voices and the Wolfe name debacle:

Blogger "Isophorone" quotes a recorded phone message he received from a liberal group called American Family Voices:

Under the watch of Bush-Cheney and Congressman Tom Wolfe, America has grown weaker. Despite billions of dollars spent to enrich private contractors in Iraq, not a single active duty or Reserve brigade in America is considered combat ready. Call Congressman Tom Wolfe at [district office number] and ask him what he is doing to change this. We can't allow our military to be stretched so thin that we become vulnerable. Tell Congressman Tom Wolfe that something's got to change. ...Tom Wolfe, of course, is the author of "Bonfire of the Vanities" and "I Am Charlotte Simmons," among others. He has never served in Congress. AFV apparently mixed him up with Rep. Frank Wolf of Virginia's 10th District--or perhaps conflated him with Rep. Tom Davis of the neighboring 11th District. ...Come to think of it, didn't Tom Davis use to be part of a comedy act with Minnesota Senate candidate Al Franken?

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