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Monday, April 14, 2008

Gov. Kaine Cowers from confronting Rev. Jeremiah Wright in Norfolk

Posted by MAXIMUS

The Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Barrack Hussein Obama's spiritual advisor, visited a church in Norfolk, VA yesterday. Link here:

Virginia Governor Tim Kaine, National Co-Chairman for Barrack Hussein Obama's Presidential Campaign, spent the day in Richmond with his mouth shut and his head in the sand.

Governor Kaine allowed a hate monger to enter Virginia without taking the opportunity to challenge the Reverend's racist views. Since when does a civil rights lawyer cower from a challenge of a lifetime? That's easy to answer, when your the National Co-Chairman for a Democrat who wants to be President, it really doesn't matter what his Reverend said in the past as long as its not in the headlines today.

Governor Kaine's moral compass displays relative bearings, not true bearings. What a refreshing "post partisan" position. When leaders are silent, their actions condone.

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