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Friday, April 25, 2008

Democrats start attacking Governor Tim Kaine

Posted by MAXIMUS

You knew this was coming. The day is at hand. Democrats are lighting the fire and putting Governor Kaine in the kettle--just to watch him boil. They are calling him an ineffective Governor. They are basically calling Governor Kaine a hypocrite for failing to live up to his campaign promise to be the "TRANSPORTATION GOVERNOR." They are saying that Kaine has no legacy and has basically done nothing in office. Think not? Read THIS from the Raising Kaine blog:

"Where does it leave Tim Kaine's legacy as governor? So far, unfortunately, also stuck in gridlock. Remember, after Kaine was elected he vowed to deal with transportation. Year #1 (2006) went by, nothing happened. Year #2 (2007) went by and we got something, but it's now been almost completely scrapped and/or declared unconstitutional. Year #3 (2008) is underway, and so far...nada. Year #4 (2009) will be an election year in which Tim Kaine will be a "lame duck" governor; how much do you think will get done then? In sum, it's very possible we'll end the 4-year Kaine governorship with no significant progress on solving Virginia's enormous transportation problems."

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