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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Democrats in Virginia's 4th Congressional District Recruit Incompetent Candidate

Posted by MAXIMUS

Want to run for Congress but you're socialist, short on money, and have a limited understanding of basic Geography in your hometown? NO PROBLEMO. You are hereby qualified to be a candidate for the Democratic Nomination for Congress in Virginia's 4th Congressional District. Your name is Andrea Miller.

Abbi Easter, Jim Holland, and Debbie Burroughs, the stellar democratic brain trust in the western end of the 4th Congressional District, are really doing a bang up job of recruiting "top quality" candidates to run for Congress these days.

Okay, you have a question, "MAXIMUS, Abbi Easter, Jim Holland, and Debbie Burroughs are in Governor Kaine's inner circle of trusted advisors, they run awesome candidates right?"

Plebes, they are really drinking the Che Guevara Cool-Aid with their support of Andrea Miller for the Democratic nomination for Congress in the 4th. Why?

Not only is Andrea Miller a disciple of Dennis Kucinich, but she lives in Chesterfield and to this day she is unaware of the political subdivisions and various political boundaries that exist within the county....HER HOME COUNTY.

A few months ago, Ms. Miller said (on her website) that the Bon Air section of Chesterfield was located in the 4th Congressional District. Wrong. The dividing line between the 4th District and the 7th District in Chesterfield County is Hull Street Rd. Precincts south of Hull St. Road are in the 4th District and precincts north of Hull St. Road are in the 7th District. The Bon Air precinct in Chesterfield borders on the City of Richmond. It is also located north of Hull St. Road, thus, it is in the 7th Congressional District. Link to that story here:

One mistake does not constitute a pattern of ignorance and incompetency, however making two similar mistakes would rate one as incompetent. Keep reading.

On March 29, 2008, Andrea Miller, the presumptive Democratic nominee for Congress in the 4th Congressional District of Virginia, posted a list of all the cities and counties in the 4th District. Ms. Miller listed Chester as a City within the 4th District. Link to her post here:

Andrea Miller is getting into a habit of making false statements. Chester is merely a section of Chesterfield County and it does not exist as a separate political subdivision in the Commonwealth of Virginia. A mistake of this nature by itself would not necessarily constitute incompetence by a candidate, but this is the second major geographic blunder that Ms. Miller has committed over the last few months AND IT CONCERNS AREAS IN HER HOME COUNTY--THE VERY AREA SHE IS SUPPOSED TO KNOW INSIDE AND OUT. We now have an established pattern of ignorance and incompetency on the part of Andrea Miller in the 4th District.

How can you run for Congress and be so Geographically Challenged as to create a new city within the borders of your home County? Two mistakes on the political boundaries and political subdivisions within your home county would disqualify you from receiving he Republican nomination. Apparently, geographic incompetence earns you the right to run as a Democrat in the 4th Congressional District of Virginia. Yep, what a bang up banner year its gonna be for Democratic Congressional Candidates in Virginia. Does Mark Warner's new campaign manager Mike Henry really want to run on a ticket with this top quality Democrat candidate? I get it, he'll save Andrea Miller's campaign just like he helped Tim Kaine's campaign, right?

I'll run the Billion Dollar Man Candidate (Congressman Randy Forbes for bringing in 10k new jobs at Fort Lee) against the Maps for Dummies Candidate (Andrea Miller for not knowing her home county) any time or place baby. The Dems are gonna run the table this year in Virginia folks. Keep drinking that cool aid you mouth breathing fat cat elitist socialists.

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