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Monday, April 14, 2008

Communism still alive and India

In one of the fastest growing industrial nations in the World, India, communist rebels are causing damage to the fledgling infrastructure and making inroads with the disenfranchised there. Using mis-information about free enterprise and democracy, these rebels are using the works of Mao Zedong to spread lies on how communism helps the people in need.
From the AP:

Communist rebels fatally shot five policemen and a luggage porter and seriously wounded two others in an attack on a railroad station in eastern India, police said Monday. ...More than 100 rebels took part in the Sunday evening attack in Jhajha, a town in Bihar state 75 miles northeast of the state capital, Patna, deputy inspector general of police Manohar Prasad Singh said. ...The rebels blew up the railway police building at the station and stole some weapons. They also fired indiscriminately on the platform, Singh said, adding that a railway porter and five policemen were killed.

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