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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Comedies about 9/11, blodd is now shooting out my eyes

I admit that I did like "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle" but Guantanamo Bay may be a bit much..I mean the burgers are better at White Castle (or so I've heard)than the terrorist prison and puppet racoons are always good for a laugh or two. From Politico:

The conflict in Iraq may go on for years, but it appears the end is nigh for Hollywood’s ponderous, heavy-handed treatment of the war on terror. That’s because most new movies about the subject this season are lowbrow and cringe-inducing comedies. ...Over the next few weeks, theaters will be screening far-out fare such as an Osama bin Laden documentary by the maker of “Super Size Me”; an absurdist slam against merchants of war featuring John Cusack; a zombie soldier flick with XXX star Jenna Jameson; a stoner movie about Guantanamo Bay; and a Sept. 11 parody — yes, parody — made by Uwe Boll, a little-known filmmaker often ridiculed as the worst director in Hollywood since Ed Wood. ...Just how off-the-wall is the genre getting? Over the past six months, filmgoers have been turned off by overearnest snoozers (“Lions for Lambs,” “A Mighty Heart”), low-budget losers (“Redacted”) and far worse. ...With the arrival of a half-dozen comedies, however, the post-Sept. 11 movie has quite possibly reached a new low

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