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Monday, April 21, 2008

Bob McDonnell participates in a "Miracle"

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Attorney General McDonnell stepped up to the plate. He pointed his bat way over the top of the stadium. He swung. He hit a home run. The Attorney General became the chief cheerleader in helping to raise appx. $900,000 to keep open the St. Joseph School in Petersburg, VA. The school is a private Catholic institution that has deep roots in the community...going back over 138 years.

The School was given a mandate to raise 1 million dollars or face closure by next week. Enter McDonnell and his fundraising list, and his visit with the Pope in D.C. last week, and the earned media that came along with the high profile fundraising effort. Stories on the school's looming closure due to lack of funds ran on the nightly news, in the Richmond Times Dispatch, in the Washington Post, etc.

A decision was handed down earlier today to keep the school open.

According to today's Richmond Times Dispatch, school principal Ruth Bonner said, "It's a miracle," regarding the Richmond Diocese's decision to keep the school open. Also, when asked about the Diocese's decision to keep the school open, the Richmond Times Dispatch quotes the school's secretary, Anna Keyser, as saying "We call it miraculous."

The Hail Mary worked.

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