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Friday, March 7, 2008

VINDICATION...Richmond Times Dispatch reports on Racial Discrimination and Retaliation at the State Board of Elections

Posted by MAXIMUS

V-I-N-D-I-C-A-T-I-O-N. Who says that the mainstream media won't report on racial discrimination and retaliation when it happens under a Democrat Governor in Virginia? In today's Richmond Times Dispatch, they report on the tawdry tale of racial discrimination and retaliation that took place at the State Board of Elections. Link to the story:

This Discrimination and Retaliation spans the Administrations of two Virginia Democratic Governors. Plebes, this is the same story that your benevolent MAXIMUS broke here on the Contemporary Conservative last week. Did the RTD credit MAXIMUS as being the first to break the story? NO, but that's OK....the story of a bigoted state agency under a Democrat Governor (who is also a Harvard trained civil rights lawyer) needs to be told.

Who says a blogger can't take on a state agency and win?

Who says a blogger can't expose racial discrimination at a State Agency?

Who says Goliath can't be brought to his knees by the simple search for justice?

Who says RACIAL DISCRIMINATION AND RETALIATION didn't take place under the administration of Democrat Gov. Tim Kaine, a civil rights lawyer by trade?

How could Gov. Kaine let this go unresolved after two years and three months into his Administration?

In the story, when the reporter asked SBE Chairwoman Nancy Rodrigues for a quote, she states that discrimination and retaliation, when committed by her agency, is a personnel matter and she cannot discuss it.

The queen of the quick draw press release can't manage to utter a word about racial discrimination? I can't tell you how many camera lenses she broke last week trying to get her mug onto the television screens to allege racial issues were behind the Chesterfield County Ballot shortage. Now Nancy Rodrigues, the Chairwoman of the State Board of Elections for the Commonwealth of Virginia cannot bring herself talk about PROVEN RACIAL DISCRIMINATION AND RETALIATION that occurred under her watch?

Nancy Rodrigues has a hypocritical Plantation mindset when it comes to running her agency. She should resign. What a disgrace to our state. What an embarrassment for Governor Kaine. Why exactly does Nancy Rodrigues still have a job as a state agency head when her agency knowingly engaged in retaliation against an African American employee for filing a founded racial discrimination complaint?

Sources at the State Board of Elections indicate that this past Monday, Nancy Rodrigues just started to implement the remedies meant to satisfy the racial discrimination and retaliation complaint.

Why did it take Nancy Rodrigues over a year to implement the remedies in this case? Nancy Rodrigues serves as an AT WILL political employee of the Governor. Meaning she can be fired at any time and for any reason.

In keeping Nancy Rodrigues employed as the head of the State Board of Elections, Governor Kaine is now complicit in condoning and fostering a plantation mentality that permeates the State Board of Elections as it relates to the treatment of employees.

Governor Kaine, why does Nancy Rodrigues still have a job in your Administration? FACTS DON'T LIE...What kind of folks does the Governor employee in his Administration? Link to the racial discrimination and retaliation case here (as recorded by the Virginia Department of Employee Dispute Resolution):

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