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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Tim Kaine declines 8 invitations to meet with officials at Fort Lee

Guest Posted by MAXIMUS

This is getting bad. As many of you know, Fort Lee (the Army's logistical training post located 30 miles south of Richmond) gained close to 10,000 jobs as a result of the BRAC process. In fact, Fort Lee gained the largest amount of active duty military jobs in the country during the last round of BRAC.

Just last year, close to a Billion dollars worth of construction additions/improvements began to start at the base. Governor Kaine has been invited to attend EIGHT events and celebrations at Fort Lee regarding the vast job expansion. Governor Kaine has refused to personally attend any event. The largest job creation in the history of Central Virginia is the 10,000 plus jobs that Fort Lee has gained through BRAC and the Governor flat out declines to attend any events there. IN FACT, he has declined EIGHT invitations to attend events.

Instead, what are the events that Governor Kaine is attending? Events in Kansas and Texas this weekend...hanging out with Michelle Obama this weekend. The lady who has never been proud to be an American in her adult life. Governor Kaine must not be proud of the job expansion at Fort Lee. Governor Kaine did nothing to land the jobs there, Congressman Forbes did the heavy lifting. You would think that his nibs could at least show up to bask in undeserving credit and faux admiration. Come to think of it, these must be the reasons why Kaine is campaigning in Kansas and Texas this weekend with Barrack Hussein Obama.

Governor Kaine professes to want to help veterans and the military in Virgina, so why then does his Administration fail to have a veteran serving in his Cabinet? Is there a pattern developing here? No vets in his cabinet, he declines eight invitations to meet with officials at Fort Lee, and now he is campaigning with somebody's wife who has admittedly never been proud of the United States in her adult life. The localities around Fort Lee need substantial funding for improvements to their transportation systems to facilitate the influx of up to 10,000 new families in the area. Some of the monies raised from last years transportation package were going to fund transportation improvements in these effected localities. Now that funding is in great peril. Instead of focusing on meeting the transportation needs of these incoming military families and the localities where they will be living, Governor Kaine has chosen to campaign out of state. We have a problem folks. Governor Kaine's priorities are not in order. The national political scene, all of its seductions and trappings, have gone to our Governor's head.


Isophorone said...

Do you know if Bill Bolling or Bob McDonnell attend any Fort Lee events?

ccMAXIMUS said...


Only the Governor, as commander in Chief of the Virginia National Guard, was invited. Eight invitations, eight rejections. Take it as good, take it as bad, take it how you want it...just take it for what it is.

Anonymous said...

Gov. Kaine has been a driving force behind the Virginia National Defense Industrial Authority (VNDIA), which includes 11 people that he appoints. Among these are six flag officers and a former under secretary of the Army.

The governor has also approved $3.5 million in grants to the Fort Lee area through VNDIA for transportation and education improvements related to military growth. That's 14% of the total amount of military growth related grant money given statewide by the governor. Not too shabby.

So he didn't attend an event - that's just poor PR on his part. He's done more with money and by making sure the right people are on it. He may be a liberal, and he may not be anti-war, but he's not anti-Fort Lee or any other installation in Virginia. Get your facts straight.