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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

SCREW YOU COMMUNIST CHINA.....Charlottesville to Fly the Tibetian Flag


I am not gonna agree with the folks at Democratic Central much. However, here is one issue where I do agree with them 100%. They posted an entry detailing a recent defiant act taken by the Charlottesville City Council in defense of freedom.

What did the Charlottesville City Council do? Democratic Central reports that "The City Council in Charlottesville voted last month to fly the Tibetan flag over City Hall on March 10, in recognition of the day Tibetans observe their National Uprising Day." Link to this story at

The Charlottesville City Council voted to fly the Tibetan flag over Jefferson's City.

What did the COMMUNIST Chinese Gubment do? According to Democratic Central, here is the response of the COMMUNISTS:

"The Chinese government is blasting [Charlottesville] City Council for the move, calling it interference with China's internal affairs. In an e-mail sent to councilors, a representative of the Chinese embassy said the following: The action taken by City Council not only interferes in China's internal affairs, but also departs from the established policy of the U.S government against the Tibetan independence."

Charlottesville Mayor Dave Norris says "Council was unanimous in our desire to express our symbolic solidarity with the people of Tibet."

Hey China take this: Try to stop it. Try to prevent the Charlottesville City Council from flying the flag of Tibet on March 10, 2008. Better yet, try to make the Gubment of the United States force the Charlottesville City Council to take down the flag. You cannot stop it China.

China is powerless to prevent the exercise of Free Speech in this country.

China enslaves her people with the heavy cloak of political oppression. China prevents dissent within her own borders. China prevents her bloggers from talking about freedom. Now the Communist Chinese suckle on the fruits of freedom in this country, the land of the free, by criticising and bullying the Charlottesville City Council for expressing freedom of speech?

The Communist Chinese Government wrongfully annexes American rights of free speech in an effort to silence an act of freedom by the Charlottesville City Council. Just because China owns half of the K Street lobbyists in Washington DC, that does not mean China owns America. What a bunch of hypocritical thugs.

I would rather have the Tibetan flag fly over Charlottesville than have the boot of Chinese oppression on my throat. Hey COMMUNIST China, SCREW YOU!

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Wildbird said...

Time to slay the red dragon before it eats too much