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Monday, March 24, 2008

Scandal brewing in Brian Moran's campaign for Governor

Posted by MAXIMUS

Delegate Brian Moran (D-Alexstan) has begun to build up his campaign team to take on Creigh Deeds for the Democrat nomination for Governor by hiring Jean Jansen, former Secretary of the Virginia State Board of Elections, as his senior advisor.

Does Moran know that with his appointment of Jean Jansen, he just brought on a former state agency head whose agency engaged in racial discrimination against a female African American employee WHILE JEAN JANSEN WAS THE BOSS?

Here is an excerpt from the Hearing Officer IN RE: CASE NO. 8658 from the Virginia Department of Employee Dispute Resolution, Division of Hearings (the full ten page document is linked below):

"On December 9, 2005, the Grievant filed a grievance alleging race discrimination, failure to receive the same opportunities to provide input as other employees, preferential treatment for certain employees and a request that the Agency’s organizational structure be reviewed by an outside entity. The Grievant’s position in these grievances was substantially upheld. On April 9, 2007, the Grievant filed a grievance alleging that, since the prior two (2) grievances, she has been subject to a hostile work environment and also subject to retaliation. Subsequent to filing this grievance, the Grievant requested that the Director of EDR issue a ruling that her grievance qualified for a hearing. Such a ruling was issued by the Director of EDR on July 2, 2007 and the issue of hostile work environment and retaliation was qualified for a hearing. On August 10, 2007, EDR assigned this appeal to a Hearing Officer. On September 17, 2007 a hearing was held at the Agency’s location"......The retaliation case was upheld as well.

In appointing Jansen to his team, is this Moran's way of appealing to Creigh Deed's more conservative base? Was this an idea hatched up by Steve Jarding? I wonder if Delegate Lionell Spruill, Outreach Coordinator for the Moran Campaign, knows about Jansen's history at the State Board of Elections when it comes to the treatment of African American employees? DEVELOPING....Read the full ten page document by clicking on this link:

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