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Friday, March 14, 2008

H.B. 3202 has two major setbacks to landmark legislation.

From the RPV:

Kaine’s ‘Poison Pill’ Amendments Have Put Transportation Funding at Risk
Submitted by Josh Noland on Tue, 03/11/2008 - 11:18. Press Release

RICHMOND, VA (March 11, 2008) - Republicans in the Virginia General Assembly worked hard in 2007 to solve one of the most pressing issues facing the Commonwealth: transportation. Unfortunately, two of Democratic Governor Tim Kaine's amendments to that carefully crafted compromise bill, H.B. 3202, have resulted in two major setbacks to this landmark legislation.

"Governor Kaine's poison pill amendments to last year's transportation bill have put important funding for new roads at risk," said Republican Party of Virginia Chairman John Hager. "The Republican-approved bill covered all drivers, but Governor Kaine amended the bill to let out-of-state drivers off the hook by applying the law only to Virginia residents. The General Assembly also proposed that only elected officials would have the power to raise taxes. However, Governor Kaine amended the bill again and gave taxing power to the unelected bureaucrats on regional transportation authorities."

Judicial decisions have since declared that both amendments are unconstitutional. Republican legislators in Richmond are now working to repair the damage done by the Kaine amendments. Much of H.B. 3202 remains intact and solutions are available that do not rely on the statewide tax increase being proposed by Democrats in the Senate.

"As a result of our governor's poor choices, Virginia legislators have to fix what Governor Kaine has broken, and Virginians are left wondering how many more hours will be lost as they sit in traffic," added Hager.

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