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Friday, March 28, 2008

CCRC Canvas for new Leadership

It’s time to help make a positive change in Chesterfield County. On March 31st, the Chesterfield County Republican Committee (CCRC) will elect a new executive board by Canvas at Manchester Middle school from 5:30pm -8:00pm. Any registered voter in Chesterfield County may come at anytime between 5:30 pm -8pm to cast his or her ballot. It will only take 10 minutes and be sure to bring ID (valid VA Drivers License or Registered Voter card.)
The CCRC serves an important function in that it helps select and endorses viable Republican candidates that will represent you in local and state races to help build a better Virginia. We need a strong Executive committee to ensure that we endorse principled conservative candidates who will represent the best interests of our community and county. I am running for the office of Vice Chair of Special Projects to assist in growing the committee through innovative ideas and by reaching out into the community to bring new Republican and conservative minded Independents into the CCRC so that we can get representation in our local government that reflect our ideals. The reason I am running for Special Projects Vice Chair is that we need to reach the changing demographic of Chesterfield county to ensure that our party, the party of ideas, engages the voting public to vote as they live. As last November’s election and most recently the Presidential primary if Chesterfield’s residents are engaged they will turn out to vote for what they think is positive change to their lives.
The vast majority of people in Chesterfield live the conservative lifestyle that helped mold the Republican creed but they do not always vote as they live so it is up to us to show them the conservative way of life is best expressed by voting for Republican candidates. The use of the new media is the most recent way to reach the most people at the least cost to start the dialogue of how we Republican are the party of ideas. With the use of the internet, blogging, YouTube Technology, Upgraded Websites with interactive components and the use of virtual forums where participants can ask questions “real-time” the voters are engaged and brought into the discussion of ideas; a discussion conservatives (and Republicans) will win every time. The sponsorship of actual live forum’s and debates, on a variety of ideas around the county, will help get the message out to inactive Republicans, right leaning independents and those not involved in the political process at all that the increased Liberal Democrat presence in Chesterfield demands we all get involved now to make sure that our standard of living stays strong to the Republican creed and in the best interest of all people living in our county.

What: Chesterfield County Republican Committee Canvas
When: Monday, March 31st from 5:30PM – 8PM
Where: Manchester Middle School 7401 Hull Street Road, Richmond, VA
Process: Any registered voter in Chesterfield County may come anytime between 5:30-8PM to cast his or her ballot. Please bring ID (Valid VA Drivers License or Registered Voter Card)…..It will only take 10 minutes.

Jody Wilcox for Vice Chair of Special Projects

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