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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

AUDACITY OF SILENCE---how Governor Kaine perpetuates INJUSTICE

Posted by MAXIMUS

Senator Barack Hussein Obama on the Rev. Dr. Wright, "I will not repudiate the man."

Virginia Governor Tim Kaine, the National Co-Chairman for the Obama campaign, on the Rev. Dr. Wright, [... ... ... CRICKETS]

Also, Barack Hussein Obama said that the Rev. Dr. Wright was the inspiration for his book, "The Audacity of Hope."

It's been nearly a week since Obama's preacher was revealed as a vile demagogue when it comes to relations with folks that are different from him.

AND it's been close to a week that we've not heard from Obama's National Co-Chairman, Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine, regarding this issue. Silence is acquiescence to the lurking evil. Silence condones the injustice. Governor Kaine's silence condones the words and beliefs of the Rev. Dr. Wright. Governor Kaine has spent a lifetime fighting against injustice, so why is he now actively perpetuating one?

Suggested title for Kaine's first post-Gubernatorial novel? "The Audacity of Silence."

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