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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Stuff Governor's are made of....

Guest Posted by MAXIMUS

Results Matter to the people of Virginia...if you are Governor, Lt. Governor, or Attorney General.....results matter. Empty rhetoric simply does not count any more. AG McDonnell is a man of results. Wow...this is stuff Governor's are made of!

Attorney General Bob McDonnell and I.C.E. Announce Arrests of 171 Criminal Alien Sex Offenders in Virginia. 171 Illegal Alien Sex Offenders placed into Removal Proceedings. Attorney General Bob McDonnell Requested Review of Sex Offender Registry; Offers it as National Model.

RICHMOND - Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell, joined by leaders of U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Virginia State Police, today announced a major law enforcement action to remove 171 convicted criminal alien sex offenders from Virginia. The joint action will serve as a model for other states. ICE called this "Operation Cold Play," and said it was a component of "Operation Predator," which is a multi-year effort targeted at sex offenders nationwide. Today's announcement concludes Phase I of this ongoing operation.In 2006, Attorney General Bob McDonnell worked with the Virginia General Assembly on numerous improvements to Virginia's Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry. In addition, the Attorney General assisted in securing 45 new state trooper positions to ensure compliance with Registry regulations and investigative violations. In July of 2007, with the additional investigative resources dedicated to the Sex Offender Registry, the Attorney General requested that the Virginia State Police check the birthplace of each individual on the Virginia Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry, and share this information with ICE. The Virginia State Police compiled the list and turned it over to ICE in July of 2007. The original list consisted of 527 names.ICE agents ran the list against two different federal databases. The process led to the following findings and action:84 Convicted criminal alien sex offenders on the list had already left the country or been deported 135 Convicted criminal alien sex offenders were incarcerated in the Commonwealth of Virginia (state and local facilities) and are now being processed for removal from the U.S. upon completion of their incarceration 36 Convicted criminal alien sex offenders have been recently taken into federal custody through a joint action involving ICE and Virginia State Police and have been put into removal proceedings. "This is a milestone in our effort to remove criminal illegal aliens from the Commonwealth," McDonnell said. "Using the data from our improved Sex Offender Registry, and the additional manpower of the troopers assigned to the new State Police Sex Offender Investigative Unit, we were able to get specific information to ICE and remove dangerous criminal alien sex offenders from Virginia. We have the resources in place to make significant progress in removing criminal aliens from our Commonwealth. Public safety demands that we utilize these resources."McDonnell continued, "I trust all Virginians agree that there is no place in Virginia for criminal alien sex offenders. We must take every possible step to remove these dangerous criminals from our Commonwealth and nation. Criminal aliens threaten our citizens and our communities, and they undermine the rule of law. I thank the dedicated officers at ICE and the Virginia State Police for their important, and continuing, work on this public safety initiative. Virginia will be safer because of what we have accomplished today."

This my friends is the stuff that future Governor's are made of! AG McDonnell is a man of results, not empty rhetoric.

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jack frederick said...

max -i saw the clips about mcdonnell deporting illegal immigratn sex predators, it's great stuff.

i don't have a problem with bolling like you apparently do, but i'm supporting mcdonnell because he has lead on many of the issues that we as conservatives care about.