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Monday, February 25, 2008

State Board of Elections playing politics?

Nancy Rodrigues, Chairman of the State Board of Elections (SBE), is playing politics with election officials in Chesterfield. Just this past Friday afternoon, the SBE demanded that the Chesterfield County Electoral Board explain how the ALLEGED number of votes cast in some precincts exceded the number of voters who showed up to vote. The SBE set a deadline for Chesterfield to respond by today. Chesterfield has responded that all is in order and the SBE misread the reported results.

Nancy Rodrigues, ACTING AS THE HEAD OF AN OFFICIAL STATE AGENCY, took it upon herself to communicate on this matter through press release instead of just simply going to the appropriate officials for what appears to be a simple explanation. The Chesterfield Electoral Board responded that the SBE misread the Chesterfield totals. The Chesterfield Electoral Board affirmatively states that all votes have been accounted for. Had the SBE simply called them up or contacted them, this could have easily been explained. The new vote tabulation (from the Democratic Presidential Primary) reported from the Chesterfield Electoral Board to the SBE is the same as the old tabulation. The ball and the burden is now squarely on the Democrat political hack Nancy Rodrigues and the SBE to disprove the Chesterfield vote tally. The SBE misread the results. Period.

Sure, voter turnout exceeded expectations during the Democrat Primary in Chesterfield. Sure, there were not enough paper ballots at some polls. What do you do? Make every vote count. To accomplish this, a decision was made by the Chesterfield Electoral Board and Larry Haake to allow voters to write down their choice on a piece of paper to have their voice heard in the Democrat Primary. Their voices were heard and their votes were counted by the Chesterfield Electoral Board and Chesterfield Registrar Larry Haake.

Funny thing is that the Chesterfield Electoral Board is a DEMOCRAT Board. Funny thing is that instead of going to the Chesterfield Electoral Board or Larry Haake for an explanation of the alleged vote anomaly, the newly elected idiot from the Dale District, Jim Holland, went to the Virginia Democratic Party and the SBE to whine about the situation. Way to throw your people under the bus Jim.....ergh, I mean way to TRY to throw your people under the bus.

Prior to the Democrat Presidential Primary, Chesterfield Voter Registrar Larry Haake submitted his ballot order for the Presidential Primary to the SBE for their review and reccomendation for more ballots if they thought it was necessary.

FACT: According to state code, the SBE must review the Registrar's ballot order.

FACT: The SBE failed to properly amend the Chesterfield Ballot order to accurately reflect the total number of voters that actually showed up to vote in the Democrat Primary.

Nancy Rodrigues, the Chairman of the SBE is not supposed to play politics, just manage the electoral process in VA. In this world of partisan gotcha, is it unreasonable to expect the Chairman of the SBE to pick up the phone and call for clarification instead of grandstanding through press release?

The accounting on the Democrat Primary vote for President in Chesterfield is in order. The conduct of the SBE, and Nancy Rodrigues is out of order. The knee jerk reaction of Jim Holland is out of order. Your move SBE, make it wisely since you can't master basic math. As for Jim Holland? I'll send him some diapers and some tissues. He may be an official within the Chesterfield Democrat Party, but that does not excuse him from acting like a man instead of a crybaby crying WOLF. Man-up dude!

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