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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

SBE Chairman Nancy Rodrigues, Racial Discrimination and Retaliation on the job

Guest posted by MAXIMUS

Last September (2007) Chesterfield Voter Registrar Larry Haake had occasion to represent an African American employee of the Virginia State Board of Elections in a grievance hearing granted by state Employee Dispute Resolution (EDR). In this grievance hearing, the African American female alleged retaliation against her by SBE management for having previously filed a successful (founded) grievance of racial discrimination against the previous SBE secretary, Jean Jensen.

In the grievance hearing Larry Haake argued that the racial discrimination was ongoing and had a definite pattern. Further, the racial discrimination and retaliation had spilled into the term of the current SBE secretary, Nancy Rodrigues. The grievant had been moved from a large office to a small office, her duties had increased and her staff decreased, she had been pulled from her normal reporting chain to the Deputy Secretary and made to report to one of Gov. Kaine’s at-will policy advisor, and there was a general hostile work environment towards her. The remedy asked for was threefold: 1) Adequate work space - not necessarily return to the old, larger office, but be provided adequate work space 2) Return her to the normal reporting chain to the Deputy Secretary and 3) Discontinue the hostile work environment.

The African American female and Larry Haake (who represented her for free because she could not afford an attorney) won the grievance hearing. SBE secretary Rodrigues appealed the decision to EDR and Department of Human Resource Management (DHRM). Larry filed a rebuttal to their appeal on behalf of the employee, in which Larry declared Secretary Rodrigues in violation of the Governor's Exec Order #1, prohibiting racial discrimination or retaliation for reporting racial discrimination. Larry argued that since retaliatory racial discrimination was an on-going behavior and the circumstances that promulgated that activity continued to exist with no intervention from Secretary Rodrigues, then she was as guilty of the retaliation and racial discrimination as her predecessor, Jean Jensen.

Larry Haake and the African American female employee also won on appeal.

Secretary Rodrigues has refused to abide by the hearing officer's decision in item 2 above by returning said African American female to her normal reporting chain.

Given the verdict ruling for retaliation by SBE management against the African American Female Employee who succeeded in a racial discrimination grievance, why wouldn't Nancy Rodrigues and the SBE take this chance to retaliate against Larry?

Don't forget, Jean Jensen a Mark Warner appointee - racial discrimination proven!

Nancy Rodrigues, a Tim Kaine appointee - retaliatory racial discrimination proven!

Sec. Rodrigues and others have seized upon the emotions of some Clinton supporters in Chesterfield that are upset over the outcome of the election to stir up a hostile environment against the Registrar. This is a pattern of behavior for her and her office. The Democrats in Chesterfield are doing her bidding and may or may not even know the true reason behind these
personal attacks against Larry Haake.

Ask yourself a few questions, that don’t make any sense if this were not the case:

Who is in control of the Chesterfield Registrar’s Office? The Electoral Board
Who composes the Electoral Board? Under Democrat Control (Two Dems, 1 Republican)
Why didn’t any State Democrats call or talk to their Democrat Electoral Board Members in Chesterfield over the ballot shortage?
Why are no Electoral Member’s names being attacked when they had the last word on the decisions coming out of the Registrar’s Office?
Why are the Democrats trying to round people up to make complaints in Chesterfield and tell them exactly what to say?
Why is Jim Holland meeting downtown with Nancy Rodrigues?

Why with such a large win are the Democrats not celebrating but attacking the Registrar?
Why did in 2005 SBE agree to allow ballots of individuals that were not listed as registered voters because DMV failed to send in the information and they didn’t feel it fair to not accept their votes because of Government era, and they were concerned about allowing all votes to count but using the same argument this time they reverse their opinion on the situation, unless, just unless this really has nothing at all to do with voting but with RETALIATION toward Larry Haake for winning a case against Nancy Rodrigues and SBE. And Nancy Rodriques with SBE is using the emotions of some people to get the job done!

Nancy Rodrigues is very clever, but now she has proven herself to be over partisan. She did use to work for a Democrat Delegate and her husband still works at the General Assembly in the Senate. And Jean Jensen has gone to work for Moran on his campaign. These ladies are true politicos. Unfortunately they have no back ground in what it takes to run the SBE.

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