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Friday, February 15, 2008

Running in a Contested Race

As I posted previously, I am running for the Vice Chair of Special Projects seat on the Chesterfield County Republican Committee in the only seat being contested. The reason that I am running is that I feel we can be more effective in getting the Republican message out to Chesterfield voters (than has been done in the past) by using original methods and innovative technologies to reach a larger group of Republicans not currently on the committee. As the last November election should have taught us, the changing demographic in Chesterfield wants to be active in the political process but they need to be engaged on a variety of levels, which hasn’t been done in the past. If you are so inclined, I ask for your vote for Vice Chair of Special Projects so we can bring new and fresh ideas to the committee and effect real change in our ever changing County. It looks like we'll have a party canvas at Manchester Middle School (7401 Hull Street Rd.) from 5:30 pm to 8:30pmn March 31st so it will be open to any Chesterfield registered voter who's a Republican and willing to sign a pledge that they will back Republican candidates...if you are or know anyone willing to vote during that time in Chesterfield I would appreciate the support.

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