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Friday, February 29, 2008

RPV Press Reales about Fiscal Responsibility in the G.A.



Thursday, February 28, 2008


Richmond Times Dispatch: Senate Republicans Stand United to Advance Fiscal Responsibility

RICHMOND, VA – Democratic Governor Tim Kaine and Senate Democrats have once again demonstrated that they can’t quite kick their habit of overspending. In response, Senate Republicans stepped up in defense of fiscal responsibility Wednesday.

“During this time of economic uncertainty, taxpayer dollars should be used to support education, transportation and other core services, not to prop up special interests groups such as Planned Parenthood,” said RPV Chairman John Hager. “For weeks, we’ve been hearing from Senate Democrats and Governor Kaine that there is no fat left in the budget. In fact, just two weeks ago they were calling for higher taxes in order to erase the budget shortfall. It appears, though, that there was a little fat left in the budget afterall, and I commend Senate Republicans as well as Senator Colgan for taking a stand against this unwise use of the taxpayers’ money. The question now is whether Governor Kaine will follow the lead of Republicans or whether he will cave to special interests and veto this amendment.”

According to the Richmond Times Dispatch’s February 28, 2008 article, “Abortion factor in budget talks: Senate passes measure that denies some funds to Planned Parenthood,”

“Senate Finance Committee Chairman Charles J. Colgan, D-Prince William, backed a Republican amendment denying more than $200,000 in state aid to Planned Parenthood…”

Republicans in the Senate and Lt. Governor Bill Bolling were united in their opposition to this irresponsible use of taxpayer dollars:

“…The anti-abortion amendment, directed at Planned Parenthood by Sen. Ken Cuccinelli, R-Fairfax, was adopted when Bolling broke a 20-20 tie. He joined the 19 Republicans and Colgan to attach the spending ban into the Senate draft…”

The final decision on whether to use limited taxpayer dollars to support special interest groups will likely rest with Gov. Tim Kaine:

“…Because the House-written budget contains similar but broader language, it is possible the reconciled version sent to Gov. Timothy M. Kaine will include restrictions that many Democrats predict he will remove by item veto.”

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