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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The National Republican Congressional Committee Press Release

The National Republican Congressional Committee Press Release:

FISA Fallout: DCCC Chair Pointing Fingers

Instead of Protecting Americans

Fearing Political Fallout for Protecting Trial Lawyers, Van Hollen

Resorts to Desperate Accusations

Washington- Last week, the Democrats abdicated their responsibility to protect the American people and allowed the terrorist surveillance program to expire in favor of allowing trial lawyers to tie up the court system with frivolous lawsuits against telecommunications companies.

Fearing political fallout, Van Hollen has resorted to pointing fingers and lashing out under increasing political pressure:

“He [the President] wants to immunize telecommunications companies that may have helped him illegally listen in on the phone calls of innocent Americans.” (C-SPAN’s “Newsmakers,” 2/17/08)

House Democrats are resigning themselves to throwing partisan barbs as they come under fire for endangering American lives by allowing the terrorist surveillance program to expire. Speaker Pelosi and her fellow Democrat leaders have quickly abandoned their promise to protect the American people, and instead are protecting trial lawyers:

“The true reason for blocking the bill was Senate-passed retroactive immunity to protect from lawsuits private telecommunications firms asked to eavesdrop by the government. The nation's torts bar, vigorously pursuing such suits, has spent months lobbying hard against immunity.” (Washington Post, 2/18/08)

“Democrats are trying to cast blame and play a game of misdirection, but this failure falls squarely on their shoulders and has potentially dangerous consequences,” said NRCC Communications Director Jessica Boulanger. “Chris Van Hollen’s comments illustrate the Democrats’ priority of protecting trial lawyers over the security of the American people.”

While Democrats are enjoying their weeklong vacation, they have significantly hamstrung our intelligence officers from identifying and combating potential threats to our national security. Chris Van Hollen’s finger-pointing tactics won’t distract voters from punishing Democrats at the polls.

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