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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nancy Rodrigues and the State Board of Elections have a secret

Guest posted by MAXIMUS

Nancy Rodrigues has a secret she does not want anyone to know about. She has kept it hidden from the public for several weeks now. Some people want her to bring it out in the open. Transparency in government---who wants to hide from that?

Yesterday, the State Board of Elections (SBE) held a "news conference" where it was kind of sort of explained that they want a hearing with Chesterfield Registrar Larry Haake to explain how he accurately accounted for vote totals during the Democrat Presidential Primary. Seems SBE is still into fuzzy math. The Chesterfield Electoral Board, a Democrat Board by the way, said all votes are accounted for.

During the news conference, Nancy Rodrigues failed to mention that she and the SBE are keeping a secret. She is not releasing the name of the bureaucrat who, under high command of the Code of Virginia, reviewed the total number of ballots that were ordered from Chesterfield County for the Democrat Presidential Primary.

Why? Nancy Rodrigues can spend her time breaking camera lenses during news conferences, but she can't find the time to release the name of the person in her agency that reviewed and was supposed to amend or increase the ballot order from Chesterfield. The SBE and Nancy Rodrigues failed to do their job because they failed to increase the ballot order. They failed to accurately predict an increase in the voters that showed up for the Democrat primary. They had the macro view, to increase the ballot order was their job based upon national turn out data that they are the experts at reading. They had the models to predict an increase.

Nancy Rodrigues and the SBE are hiding the name of the employee who reviewed the ballot order from Chesterfield for the Democrat Primary. That employee was supposed to contact the Chesterfield Registrar if the State Board of Elections foraw a shortage in number of ballots ordered when contrasted with an increase in expected turnout. Why is Nancy Rodrigues hiding the name?

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