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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mama, We're All RINOs Now? I don't think so...

An interesting article on Pajama media by author "The Anchoress" about the perceived more of the REP party to the left as illustrated by McCain's eventual nomination. Here are some interesting quotes:

If anyone is keeping tabs on it, the Great Impure Conservative Purge is continuing apace. It seems both Cal Thomas and Oliver North — yes, Oliver North — have suggested that right-wing voters unify behind presumptive nominee Senator John McCain, and thus they have been tagged in right-wing internet forums as impure RINOs. Having failed to meet the exacting standards of the “true conservatives” within the GOP, these two are the latest heretics and infidels to be identified as “Republican In Name Only.”

A few days ago, Douthat wrote:

With their inflexibility, grudge-holding, and eagerness to evict heretics rather than seek converts, too many of conservatism’s leaders sound like the custodians of a dwindling religious denomination or a politically correct English department at a fading liberal-arts college.
Or like yesterday’s Democratic Party. The tribunes of the American right have fallen into the same bad habits that doomed their liberal rivals to years of political failure.

Yes, it is entirely possible that the purist TCs, forming their True Conservative Party with their impeccably conservative candidate, will someday be courting the CINOs and other filthy moderates for their votes, and relying on the very open-mindedness, pragmatism, and flexibility they currently abhor, to bring about the Great Conservative Nirvana that they seek.

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