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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It Didn’t Take Long: Tax and Spend Democrats Are Back


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It Didn’t Take Long: Tax and Spend Democrats Are Back

RICHMOND, VA (February 19, 2008)– It took only five weeks, but Democrats in the Virginia Senate have used their new majority status to pass a tax hike and advance new spending increases.

In a classic tax and spend two-step, the full Democratic-controlled Senate passed a five-cent hike in the gas tax on one day. Then, two days later, the Democratic majority on the Senate Finance Committee put its stamp of approval on Governor Tim Kaine’s budget-busting requests for tens of millions of dollars in new spending.

“Democrats in Virginia claim they’ve moved past their ‘tax and spend’ ways, but it appears old habits die hard” said Republican Party of Virginia Director of Communications Josh Noland. “Virginians are facing a slowing economy, a budget shortfall and record high gas prices, yet Democrats in the Senate insist on raiding the rainy-day fund, supporting Tim Kaine’s new spending programs, and raising prices at the pump. Instead of passing the buck on to Virginia taxpayers, Senate Democrats should make the tough choices to rein in spending and close the shortfall without raising taxes. Families across the Commonwealth must do this each month, and Senate Democrats should be able to do the same.”

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J. Tyler Ballance said...

What Democrats say: "We need to fund our transportation infrastructure improvements and invest in Virginia's future by providing a pre-K program for the children of the Commonwealth."

What the Republicans hear:

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, TAX INCREASE!

* I support the gas tax increase, since it will cost less than $15 per year at its full implementation and it should eliminate the RTAs and prevent any schemes like the "abuser fees" from being resurrected.

** I DO NOT support "universal Pre-K, but I do think it should be pilot tested in more lower economic areas. However, with nearly a $980 Million shortfall, this should be deferred, unless funds can be made available from other programs.

How much could we save by going to a unicameral Assembly, like Nebraska?