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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Is Raising Proffers the only way to Increase Revenue

Based on data compiled from over two years ago by the Chesterfield Budget and Management Department, a plan to fast track an increase in proffers in the county is on the way. The increase in proffers (around $7,000) may have an obstacle as the General Assembly considers whether proffers can be used at all. State Senate bill 768 would eliminate the use of proffers and instead institute the utilization of impact fees. The impact fees, per the Watkins bill, would have raised more than double the money that has been raised through proffers by the Chesterfield County government is leery of the bill for one reason….the Home Builders Association of Virginia has endorsed the bill…is that really a reason to oppose a measure that would not only raise more money for the county for infrastructure but simplify a process for getting then money. As it becomes apparent that the state will be shifting road creation from the state to the counties we need to be open to all revenue generation for Chesterfield while not punishing the people constructing our infrastructure and neighborhoods.

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