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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Is Castro really gone?

The editors of The National Review have a great column on Cuba and what Castro's exit really means for the country. Here are some interesting quotes:

Fidel Castro has been one of the cruelest dictators in living memory. He has also been the longest-“serving.” What has Castro served? Repression, torture, and murder. He seized power in January 1959. He is now “retiring,” just short of his 50th year in power. His golden jubilee will surely be marked, regardless; seldom have 50 years been less golden or more awful.

Castro and his fellow revolutionaries overthrew a bad regime, that of the dictator Fulgencio Batista. Castro installed a much worse regime, with himself at its head. Before taking over, Castro promised an open and democratic society with respect for all people. He immediately betrayed that promise — and imprisoned many of his comrades who clung to the democratic dream. Others managed to flee to the United States.

Castro may now have bowed out, but his dictatorship, and Cuban Communism, are firmly in place. People ask: To whom will the island “transition”? Castro’s brother, Raúl? Ideally, the island would transition to democracy: to the Cuban people themselves. But a say in their own destiny does not seem in the offing anytime soon for the Cuban people.

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