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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Indoctrination High

Joanne Jacobs of PJM has an article about the use of tax funds being used to “create public schools organized around a left-wing political vision.” This is scary stuff:

Vouchers could end up funding a “school of the jihad,” Hillary Clinton told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel recently. Other choice critics warn of the School of Satan or Klan Kollege Prep.

But eccentric public schools don’t require vouchers. As districts start small schools and innovators create charters, tax funds already are going to create public schools organized around a left-wing political vision. “The movement to link education, social justice and activism is appealing to a growing number of educators and community organizations around the country,” writes Adam Doster in The Nation. Social justice charters and district-run programs have opened in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and Oakland in recent years.

Social Justice High at Chicago’s Little Village Lawndale High School campus tries to teach “critical inquiry through projects and problems centered on race, gender and economic equity,” as well as skills that will prepare students to excel on tests and go on to college.

One day a week is set aside for discussion groups. As Doster describes it, students in one class discuss the meaning of “community,” looking for a local issue they can work on, while another group down the hall talks about “racial stereotypes in the media as an entree into the idea of hegemony. Hands pop up across the packed classroom as students argue about how advertisements influence the way society views larger populations.”

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