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Monday, February 4, 2008

I Hate Anonymous

My dad always taught me to never say anything behind someone’s back that you wouldn’t say to there face….and also to stand up for your convictions; this is why I hate anonymous “drive-by” comments on blogs. Trust me, I have a thick skin and am not shaken by a dissenting view no matter how vile or illogical but disgusting unrelated crap is a different story all together; at least have the cojones to comment using a facsimile of your real identity. The Blogoshere is full of nonconforming viewpoints and contradictory outlooks and all are valid to the person airing them even if they are misguided, but the anonymous poster is a weak persona to air your disagreements and opinions…without responsibility which isn’t what the 1st Amendment intended...Down with Anonymous!! “Anonymous is a Women” is excluded from this little mini rant.


J. Tyler Ballance said...

I generally agree with your premise that we should have the courage to stand by what we write or say. We have a fine example from our founders who put their names on the Declaration and risked everything for our Liberty.

However, we also have examples from those same founders, who, when fearful of oppression, or reprisals, published opinions anonymously or under pseudonyms. Indeed, had the authors of some pamphlets that called for revolution against England been known, then we may never have become free of that Monarch and his tyranny.

In the current era, exercising our right to free speech comes with a price. During the Clinton Administration, the FBI recorded my picture and ran background checks on me and others who protested abortion mills. As an active member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans who honored our veterans with a Battle Flag at my former home, my security camera caught some of my neighbors vandalizing my property in an effort to take down my Battle Flag from my house. My car has been vandalized and I have had to personally defend myself against others who tried to deny me the right to speak the truth about various political and social issues. One lesson my would-be assailants learned from these attempts to do me harm is: an armed society is a polite society.

The culprits who try to censor the voices of patriots, are not always just common street thugs. Some hide behind the veil of respectability in positions of trust with our government, sometimes our police and most frequently in the leadership of Universities (most recently the University of Richmond).

While I do not condone anonymous bloggers who hide while making slanderous attacks on others. I recognize the need by some to be able to voice concerns and sound the alarm that our liberty is in peril, without having to fear some sort of mischief will be visited upon them or their family by some of Michael Chertoff's jack booted thugs.

Jody L. Wilcox said...

Point well taken and I do not have issue with the concept of "anonymous" if it were used as you state above but often than not (and especially in the blogodhere) anonymous is used to interupt real dialogue on any number of subjects by people wanting to comment without responsibility. I do think that the anonymous commenter with eventually bring down the blogoshere to place of playground simple speak of insults and name calling...I guess on second thoughr why would blogs be any different than the rest od politcal discourse...

SengKai said...

If it's human nature to abuse freedom, then I guess anonymous is nothing more than an embodiment of hatred because most people don't have the guts to say things into other faces and they fear rebutts or fists in their faces, that's why anonymous say bad things behind people backs like gossiping housewives. You're right about the facts that anonymouses are womens.

No matter how anonymouses claimed they're legion or self-proclaimed public avengers, they are the one who can't stand being jeered at and constantly fear for their lives about reprisals. Also, they find hiding under anonymous titles allow them to hurl slanders and slurs as much as they want, since no one will know who they are. What difference does tell an anonymous from a low-life street thug? Pathetic...

Anonymous said...

"No matter how anonymouses claimed they're legion or self-proclaimed public avengers, they are the one who can't stand being jeered at and constantly fear for their lives about reprisals.."

I've found this to be true as well. It's pretty hypocritical how viciously they attack their percieved enemies on thier own site, but accuse Scientology of being the bad guys.

We have also exposed a deeply anti-Semitic core to the group and are documenting it here.

L. Dobson