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Friday, February 22, 2008

DIMOCRAT announces for Congress in VA's 4th District

Guest Posted by MAXIMUS

I'm old fashioned. More and more, things I believe in are turning out to be mere moral and ethical relics of a by gone era. Here are a few examples: I believe you should wait to be married before having babies; I believe that Washington D.C. belongs not the K Street lobbyists, but to the American People; I believe that our Federal Government should have NEVER put itself in the position of borrowing money from the communist Chinese Government to finance the daily operating expenses of our country; and I believe you should actually know the boundaries of any political office you seek to run for as a candidate. Can we all agree on these basics? Pretty fundamental bread and butter beliefs. If we can't agree on everything listed above, at least join me in stipulating that a candidate for political office has to know the boundaries of the district they are running in. Agreed? Good, keep reading.

Andrea Miller, a candidate for the Democratic nomination for Congress in the 4th Congressional District, has some beliefs she would like you to know about. Try these on: Member of the Virginia Anti-War Network; Member of the Progressive Democrats of America; and she was the Regional Coordinator for MoveOn.Org in Central, Southwest and the Tidewater areas of Virginia.
It gets uhm ..."better." Andrea Miller was a part of Congressman Dennis Kucinich's presidential campaign, first as Statewide Coordinator for Virginia and subsequently as Regional Coordinator, until Mr. Kucinich dropped out of the campaign.

Ms. Miller lives in Chesterfield County, which is in the western portion of the 4th Congressional District. That bears repeating. Ms. Miller lives in Chesterfield County, which is in the western portion of the 4th Congressional District. Under the "Newsflash" section of her website (a recurring section with changing headers), Ms. Miller states: "On Friday, January 18, 2008, Andrea Miller announced that she was running for U.S. Congress in the 4th Congressional District of Virginia. District 4 includes Chesterfield, Petersburg, Colonial Heights, Chesapeake and Bon Air."

Anybody see the problem with that statement? Bon Air, a community located in Chesterfield, is in the 7th Congressional District, not the 4th Congressional District. Ms. Miller's adopted home is Chesterfield County. It is gravely unfortunate that Ms. Miller clearly doesn't know the boundaries are of the 4th Congressional Distict--not even in her own county! The Bon Air Section of Chesterfield is approximately ten miles north of the boundary of the 4th Congressional District in Chesterfield. Use Hull Street Road as the DMZ line. You cannot overlook this, espicially when the candidate lives in very County where she can't seem to get the boundaries straight.

If this was not bad enough for you, how will Ms. Miller's membership in the Virginia Anti-War Network play out in this region where Fort Lee just gained 10,000 jobs as a result of Congressman Forbes efforts on BRAC? Ms. Miller, meet your running mate--Barack HUSSEIN Obama. McCain/Forbes versus Hussein/Miller in a military district during time of war. Good luck in the campaign Ms. Miller. My advice? Keep campaigning in Bon Air. We call it the DIMOCRAT party for a reason.


c. dickson said...

The Bon Air bit seems to be gone from her website, poor darlin'.

Anonymous said...

If you are against borrowing money from the communist Chinese Government (and I agree with you on that), why are you supporting the Republicans? It seems like that is how they finance everything.