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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Did I miss something in Conservative Principles 101

Now Dole's admonishing people who are not supporting McCain and buying into the lie that McCain is a conservative....has the world gone mad all of a sudden. Dole is voting for a friend, which is understandable, but to stretch someone’s voting record and actually misrepresent their ideology is just plain wrong. Let me repeat myself for the umpteenth time, electing McCain will be the beginning of the end for conservatism and will drastically move the Republican party to left...a place we do not need to be. I will not vote for President if McCain is the nominee, I can bend only so needs to have principles in life and voting for a liberal in a "red tie" just to avoid a Clinton or Obama White House is just going to far. Why I do agree that Romney has some unanswered questions about his voting record, McCain's actual congressional voting record shows that, except for the war on terror, he is way left of most conservatives and is not the conservative candidate as he espouses to be. We know McCain has fought his party on any number of issues and tends to side with the American Left on most key issues. In 2000, calling them McCain bashed Christians in Virginia Beach as "agents of intolerance" a comment he will not retract, in 2005 McCain opposed a federal gay-marriage ban, in 1999 he told the San Fran Chronicle that he opposed the overturning of Roe Vs. Wade (hardly the rhetoric of a prolife candidate he now says he is), the McCain-Feingold Campaign Reform Act is perhaps one of the more left-wing acts of Congress in the past two decades and finally on immigration McCain’s views are far more left than both Obama and Clinton. I’ll grant you that I would want a far more conservative candidate than Romney but I do not agree that McCain would be better than Clinton or Obama just because there is a “Rep” next to his name…McCain as President will greatly undermined the conservative ideal, Romney as President will not.

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