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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Corruption Corruption Corruption

From the Pres shop blog about the downward spiral of Christine Jennings' and her Campaign's Legal Advisor Indicted in Alleged Money-Laundering Scheme

Last night, the entire House of Representatives unanimously rejected Christine Jennings' congressional challenge that she has been contesting for the last 16 months. Christine Jennings' failed congressional bid now seems to be a minor issue compared to the latest news that Jennings' campaign legal advisor has been indicted on money laundering and other charges related to the case of Colombian drug kingpin Fabio Ochoa Vazquez.

The most recent news sheds even more disturbing light on Jennings' campaign practices. First, it was discovered that during her run for Florida's 13th Congressional District that she failed to pay payroll taxes for over three years. The next piece of bad news came when her sour-grape lawsuit was rejected by multiple independent investigations.

Now, the latest breaking news exposes the impending scandal of the indictment of Jennings' campaign legal advisor. According to the Miami Herald:

"Ben Kuehne surrendered Thursday on federal criminal charges for his behind-the-scenes role in a complex international drug-trafficking case."

"An indictment, unsealed at his morning court appearance, charges Kuehne in a money-laundering conspiracy with approving tainted legal payments by an accused Colombian drug kingpin to his defense attorney in Miami." (Miami Herald, 2/7/08)

"From failing to pay taxes on campaign salaries to her campaign's association with a lawyer now under criminal investigation, Christine Jennings continues to prove that she is her own biggest political liability," NRCC spokeswoman Julie Shutley said. "Christine Jennings has piled up a record of distrust with the people of Florida's 13th Congressional District that will be obvious at the ballot box in November."

Christine Jennings' downward spiral is sending the message to Florida's 13th District that Jennings would bring more problems and politics as usual to Washington. The "issues" that Christine Jennings campaign has brought to the table are not the agents of change that voters want.

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