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Friday, February 29, 2008

ATTENTION NANCY RODRIGUES: Registrar's from across Virginia meet this weekend to discuss YOU!

Guest Posted by MAXIMUS

Man oh Man. Would I like to be a fly on the wall at his weekend's annual gathering of local Registrar's from across Virginia. Topic of discussion? about racist activity against one employee at the State Board of Elections and then retaliation against said employee for having the audacity to file the racial discrimination complaint. I'm sure that State Board of Elections Chairman Nancy Rodriques will be there to tell everyone that all is well at the State Board of Elections. However, if these registrar's read the founded racial discrimination complaint (and the subsequent founded retaliation complaint) from this particular SBE employee, the Registrar's might think otherwise. Here is the link to the founded complaint of racial discrimination and the finding of retaliation:

Also, I am hearing that the Registrar's, both Democrat and Republican, are furious at Nancy Rodrigues for grandstanding about the ballot shortage in Chesterfield. Why? Because according to the Code of Virginia, the SBE is supposed to REVIEW the ballot order from each locality in Virginia . On review, SBE officials look at PROJECTED TURNOUT and compare it to the local registrar's ballot order. If SBE feels that said ballot order is too short for a particular locality, the SBE is supposed to discuss increasing the ballot order with that locality. These Registrar's know that if Rodrigues tries to hang Larry Haake out to dry by communicating with him through press conference instead of teleconference, she'll hang the rest of them out to dry.

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