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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Americans for Prosperity

This morning I attended a breakfast with Attorney General Bob McDonnell, State Senator Steve Martin, Delegate Sam Nixon and the state Director of the grassroots Organization Americans for Prosperity, Benjamin Marchi. Americans for Prosperity is America's premier Grassroots Orhanization dealing with economic policy in the United States. Americans for Prosperity's mission is to educate citizens about economic policy;mobilize citizens to acheive fiscal and regulatory restraint by state governments; and return the federal government to its Constitutional limits. AFP's vision is to ensure greater economic growth, opportunity. and properity for all citizens through strong ethical foundations, government restraint and private sector productivity and competition. I enjoyed talking with Ben after the presentation and was impressed with this organization and with Ben himself as he carries AFT's message across the state. As a fiscal conservative I believe that all sound legislation stems from being fiscally responsible and that the federal governement as overreached in its power on this matter while the state budget has grown to an at an alarming rate. AFP's efforts are going a long way to resolve these issues and efveryone at the grassroots should contact this organization and participate in their efforts.

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Anonymous said...

Was a great event!

Jody L. Wilcox said...

I was really impressed with the organization and being a fiscal conservative believe in the cause immensely...I will be getting more involved soon. Plus the Boathouse is one of my favorite restaurants so we all win.