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Friday, January 25, 2008

You don't pay in but you can take out

Have you ever taken up a beer collection at a party and everyone contributes but "the always broke guy" and when you come back with a new keg he is first in line? Do you let him partake in the festivities unquestioned or do you say, "hey bud where's the contribution?" I hope it's the latter especially if it's the good stuff. With that being said, one of the sticking point in all these stimulus packages is if people who don't make enough to pay taxes should get a tax refund...let me state that again... should people who don't make enough to PAY taxes get a tax refund? This one needs to be explained to me because I can't even comprehend how anyone can justify this action. We need to make a stronger commitment to small business in the US for long haul economic sustainability to create jobs and to stimulate important economic factors and not to those that are not contributing to the economy.

Rich Lowry at breaks it down:

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