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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Upper Swift Creek Plan change will effect rezoning cases

The new planning commission wants the developers to show that roads and schools are adequate when submitting rezoning changes in new proposed changes to the Upper swift Creek Plan per the meeting held on the Jan. 15th. The Amendments that were endorsed by the Planning Commission and need to be approved by the Chesterfield BOS would require, “rezoning applicants in Upper Swift Creek area to show that the area has "adequate road facilities" and "adequate school facilities" to support any proposed development.
This assessment would make use of the practice called a "level-of-service" measurement for the impact any rezoning might have on existing roads. LOS measurements are a slippery slope and not legally binding, so this could afford the county some issues when a rezoning case is being debated. Numerous speakers at the public hearing opposed the change to the Swift Creek Plan, stating the language was too vague and that the county should wait for the adoption of the new comprehensive countywide comprehensive plan.

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