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Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Times Dispatch just Doesn’t Get Chesterfield

An article written by Michael Paul Williams in the Times Dispatch discusses the changing demographic of Chesterfield county and then makes some incorrect and wildly bad assumptions regarding what changes this demographic shift will have here. Using a grand assumption and inaccurate conclusion he states, “In a metro area known for being insular, a prevailing perception of Chesterfield is of a hidebound, staunchly conservative jurisdiction so determinedly disconnected from the region that it actively sought to keep mass transit from gaining traction on its traffic-choked roads” Mr. Williams makes the inaccurate leap that a conservative mind is also one that is disconnected and insulated so as to not be able to find solutions to our county’s issues. What he fails to see is that the very conservative environment, both politically and lifestyle, is also what has drawn people to live in Chesterfield. In a time of mobility for the commuter, one looks for a community that they feel reflects their social and political outlook. The changing demographic does not mean, as Mr. Williams seems to believe, that there is a “liberalization” of the county but rather the expansion of the conservative movement that includes people from all races, creeds and social-economic factors that has helped make Chesterfield the powerful community it is. I agree with Mr. Williams that we in Chesterfield can ill afford to waste any contribution from the influx of new residents (of which I am one) and must use all our resources, both natives and newbies to make our community strong but we needn’t loose our conservative ideals to do so.

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