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Monday, January 7, 2008

Time for Action is now for the Chesterfield BOS

Issues for the new Chesterfield BOS when they resume meetings this Wednesday are many and important all around. This is a crucial time for the county and I hope that the Board of Supervisors makes good on their campaign promises. Some of the more important issues facing the county Board are:

The board plans for a closed session for legal advice regarding a lawsuit over the purchase for redeveloping Cloverleaf Mall. The agreed-upon $7.25 million price expired when the deal failed to gain approval in time. The deal would have ended a lawsuit over the method used to set the sales price by the family trust that owns the parcel, Millmar Partnership. Chesterfield has spent $9.2 million to buy the mall buildings and 37 adjacent acres in a series of deals with plans to turn over the property to a North Carolina developer to convert the area into a mix of homes and businesses.

The board plans to revisit land-use and water-quality issues related to the Upper Swift Creek land-use plan
An audit of the county's $1.1 billion budget

Amendment of the county code on transportation impact fees, state lawmakers gave Chesterfield the authority to impose impact fees to pay for roads to help cope with growth. A $5,820 impact fee proposed on an estimated 9,000 unbuilt residential lots in Chesterfield could change as a result of public input as the impact fees will generate as much as $50 million.

The Times Dispatch has more:

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