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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Taxing us to make us Healthy

The government will do anything and everything to save us from ourselves(in their opinion), even if they have to tax us all the way to the poorhouse. First they tax Cigarettes, then alcohol, then food cooked in trans fatty oils and now TV and video games. Guess what party wants to do this? You got it, liberals Democrats ,who think they know better then we do on how to live our lives. A Democratic lawmaker in New Mexico by the name of Gail Chasey wants to tax televisions and video games to raise funds to fight childhood obesity and improve education. The money would be used to fund more acceptable lifestyle choices like working with liberal environmental groups like the Sierra Club. I think we do need to do something about the obesity problem in this country but I believe taxing people to live a "government approved" lifestyle is not the way to go…teaching personal responsibility is the best way.

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