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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Support a Candidate and your church may loose Tax-exempt status?

Huckabee supporters, that happen to be in the clergy, in Iowa have reciebed an intrersting letter in the mail stating that their church could loose it’s tax-exempt status . Two letters have been sent to pastors with the first arriving a couple weeks ago and warned that they could be prosecuted for his support of Huckabee. The second letter goes as far as stating the Internal Revenue Service is looking for churches that back candidates in violation of tax rules and mentioned Iowa Sen. Charles Grassley, a Republican who has sought information about spending by high-profile ministries…. I know a lot about Sen. Grassley and would be stunned if he was involved in this at all. This is nothing but scare tactics being used to intimidate peple of faith unfamiliar with the actual law to keep quite and it will not hold water. Interesting quotes from the article:

Deckard, of Calvary Apostolic Church in Des Moines, said he wondered about the
motive of the letter writers and assumed they must think pastors are ignorant of
the rules regarding church involvement in politics. Regardless, he said the letters won't change his intention of caucusing for Huckabee.

Jim Harris, a Huckabee spokesman in Little Rock, Ark., said the campaign was aware of the letters but did not know how many pastors have received them or whether they were just being sent in Iowa.
"We are gathering more information even as we speak," Harris said. "I would not rule out that we would ask for a criminal investigation, and people who would send such threatening letters to ministers for purely political purposes are cowardly and reek of desperation."
I hope this plays out and the partors and Huckabee don’t let this one slide cause it would set a catastrophic precident. Read article here:

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