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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

SOTU address highlights

President Bush gave his State of the Union Address and below are some highlight...for last one he will ever give it wasn't as bland as I thought it would be.

"But above all, know this: America will confront those who threaten our troops, we will stand by our allies, and we will defend our vital interests in the Persian Gulf,"..."Our message to the people of Iran is clear: We have no quarrel with you, we respect your traditions and your history, and we look forward to the day when you have your freedom,"..."Our message to the leaders of Iran is also clear: Verifiably suspend your nuclear enrichment, so negotiations can begin. And to rejoin the community of nations, come clean about your nuclear intentions and past actions, stop your oppression at home, and cease your support for terror abroad,"

"We have unfinished business before us, and the American people expect us to get it done,"..."The actions of the 110th Congress will affect the security and prosperity of our nation long after this session has ended," ..."Some may deny the surge is working," Bush said, "but among the terrorists there is no doubt. Al-Qaida is on the run in Iraq and this enemy will be defeated."

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